Everyday my son wakes up and wants to be something else, today he was a doctor, tomorrow it might be an astronaut. There is a beauty in the randomness of it all, to be able to imagine yourself becoming something then magically turning into it the next day.

I feel my goal as a father is to keep the dreams alive, to support the experiments of self discovery as my kids grow up, but more importantly to never let them forget that anything is possible.

There was a time in our lives where we dreamt of becoming something that filled us with joy, some of us held on to that dream, others forgot the dream and settled into whatever the “real” world gave us.

Most of my dreams disappeared the moment I arrived back in the UAE as an undergrad and took the first job that paid me more than zero. I thought I could fill the empty spaces with stuff like fancy cars and dinners at expensive restaurants, but I was never satisfied, I always wanted more stuff.

It was like the further I walked way from my dreams the bigger the empty space in my heart became, a space that all the stuff in the world couldn’t fill up. The turning point came when I would have to transform myself every time I arrived home from work.

Before I walked through the front door of my house I had to remind myself that now was time to be a husband and daddy, I couldn’t bring those negative feelings home with me, for me that wasn’t natural, it was exhausting, it wasn’t the way I wanted to live.

Seeing my kids during their schools career days reminded me that everything in life starts with a decision you take, a decision to change and start bringing your dreams to life. When you’re a kid it’s simply buying a costume, when you’re an adult it takes a little more than that, but either way action is taken.

Watching my kid wear a doctors uniform gives me hope for him, but it also gives me hope for my future. I guess because it inspires me to keep trying to discover parts of myself that I lost along the way.