Sometimes I think about the life my wife and I are building for our two young boys, I think about the environment they are growing up in, but most of all we try to analyze and prepare them for a future that will look very different than anything we have seen or experienced.

In December I was invited to speak on a panel titled “The Future Of The UAE”, before the panel discussion OMD UAE, who were hosting the event, presented their findings on how people felt about the future of the UAE based on 2000 face-to-face interviews with women and men of different nationalities and backgrounds.

The overall results were very positive with 79% of Arabs moving to the UAE for security and stability, 93% are in the UAE to stay for the long term, and 90% believing they will have a better standard of living within the next two years. However one number for me stood out above the rest, I don’t even need to go back to the research study to remember it, that number is 83.

Of everyone who was surveyed 83% believe in the future of the UAE, at first I thought great, a B minus, a grade we can be proud of. But as I continued to think about it I started wondering about the 17% who didn’t believe in the future of the UAE, what did they say? What do they think is in store for the country so many of us call home? The country we spend day in and day out trying to build into one of the greatest nations in the world.

I have to think bout these things because I’m all in, I’m 100% invested in the future of the UAE, I have to be, the lives of my leaders, my fellow country women and men, my family, and future generations to come depend on it.

I believe the future is simply a matter of perspective, of how we choose to view the things that are going on around us. For example a barrel of oil priced at 30$ good for our country? Well it’s certainly not the best-case scenario, but it gives the UAE a chance to prove how resilient and stable its economy is, which has been the case so far.

Furthermore the source and foundation of my belief stems from our work, the things we do to ensure that tomorrow is better than today. The many initiatives our country is putting in place through space explorations, innovation, human development, and economic diversification. These are investments in the future that I might be lucky to see during my lifetime, but will bear the fruits my children and future generations will be able to enjoy.

Given the dynamics of the region as well as the current economic conditions I can understand why some might be skeptical, some might doubt, some might think it is all a bubble waiting to burst. However many tend to forget that we came from nothing, and from nothing we built buildings in the middle of the desert, we built schools and universities to train and develop generations of leaders and thinkers, we built hospitals to provide healthcare, we have built organizations that are known throughout the world, we built airports that people from all across the world pass through.

Most of all we have built a country and a people that only know how to do one thing, become better, and that is a country I will stand with 100% any day of the week, where we walk together building the future we always dreamed of and preparing the next generation for all the amazing things to come.