In our fast paced world we always feel the need to be somewhere or be doing something. We are so focused on what to do next that we lose sight of where we are, we stop listening to the people around us, and we stop appreciating the moment, forever in a constant search of what’s going to happen next.

When I lived in that world I realized that I was always running, I would end my day not really knowing what happened, everything was empty and lacked any meaning. I wasn’t living I was waiting. The thing we all need to understand is if you are waiting for something better in life you will wait forever, because there is always something better out there, a better job, a flashier car, or a bigger house, these things know no end.

I have found that the way to live happy is to show gratitude for the small things in life, for the food I have on my plate, for the loving family I have by my side, for the opportunities I am given to do work I love, and even for the Friday afternoon’s just sitting on the sofa with my wife staring at the wall together.

Things don’t have to be exciting to be awesome, things don’t have to be expensive to be valuable, things don’t have to be marvelous to have meaning, everything can be special if take the time to stop and appreciate the impact and beauty that it brings to your life. If you can’t appreciate the small things, you will never appreciate the great things that life brings your way.

Think about it, if someone is not happy with 10 million dollars, you think they will be happy if you give them 20 million dollars? Probably not, because they value what they don’t have more than what they have.

Take this moment to slow down even if just for a minute and show gratitude for everything in your life, big or small. Hug someone who has made your life better, be grateful for the wonderful meal you just had, go for a walk in nature and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings, or just sit on the couch with someone you love and thank God you are alive and able to love them for one more day.

Note to the lady beside me: I thank Allah we have one more day together, I love going nowhere with you.