I remember the first time we argued when we travelled, something seemed different, she was a lot more upset than usual. We weren’t arguing about anything big, but like all arguments things get a little out of control and before we knew it we were arguing about things that happened four years ago.

I felt bad, she seemed more afraid than angry, so I asked her what was really bothering her. She then answered “I have nowhere to go”. What we then realized is that we never really argued and solved our issues by ourselves. Back home in the UAE we always had an escape from each other when we were angry. She would go to her parents house, I would hang out with friends. We would then meet up later at home, hug, make up, then move on with our lives.

What we didn’t realize throughout that time is that we weren’t getting to know each other when we were upset, we weren’t taking the time to understand what really hurt, we took the easy way out and escaped when things got hard.

What changed when we first moved to the US is that we had no escape, we had nowhere to go. When times got hard, when we were angry at each other, we had to sit there and face each other until we figured it out. The hardest part was realizing how little we knew of each other, especially the things that hurt.

For a loving relationship to last you have to be willing to take everything that comes with it, the good and the bad, the love and the anger, the joy and the pain. If you quit on each other when things get difficult it becomes easier and easier to quit until you realize that you can’t even fight for each other anymore, then walking away becomes the only option.

we learned more about each other in those two years away from our families than we did in the four years we had been married before that, and it was all because we faced each other even when we didn’t want to.

We got to a point where we were comfortable having nowhere else to go, because all we really needed was each other. When we argued we realized that we weren’t fighting against each other, we were fighting for our relationship. Even today we both know that we are going to have more hard times, we are just not afraid of them anymore.