Our transition from a young married couple to young parents made me question a lot of things we do in life, the biggest of those questions is “When is the perfect time to do something?” For example when is the perfect time to get married? When is the perfect time to have kids? When is the perfect time leave your job and tour around the world?

What Salama and I have come to realize as a couple is that there is no perfect time to do anything in life, and if we waited for the perfect moment to have our first son we would probably still be waiting today.

We say when we have a certain size home we will be able to have a child, we say when we have this much money we will quit our job, we say when we have been with someone for at least two years then maybe it’s the right time to get married. The problem with doing that is you put your feelings second to some plan you put together based on something you read or what other people told you was the best way forward.

You may feel it is time to do something that will change your life forever but you read somewhere that you need at least 100,000 dollars in the bank before you do and you only have 70,000 dollars saved up, so it has to wait. You may feel you are ready to have a child but other parents tell you that you would have at least a two-bedroom apartment and you only have a studio flat, so it has to wait.

When Salama and I had our first child we were still living in my fathers house, we didn’t have much money saved up, and we didn’t know what would happen next, all we knew is that we wanted to start a family and that was enough.

What we learned as a couple is that with each decision we make that we know will bring us happiness we find a way to make it work. We stop waiting for signs and make decisions that feel right for us as a family.

Things might not be perfect, things might not always go as planned, I promise you Salama and I have plenty of hard days, but we are happy, we have two boys that bring so much meaning to our lives, we are in love, and we know we are living lives that will create more memories and less regrets.