It was the start of one of the the most exhausting weeks of my life. I had four events in three different cities, while at the same time covering the World Government Summit in Dubai. I would get home at night with barely enough energy to have some dinner, put the kids to bed, and spend sometime with my wife.

I was getting on average 3 hours of sleep a night, eating out of gas station restaurants, and running on coffee and power naps whenever I got 20 minutes of free time. I remember getting home at the end of the week when it was all over and thinking how proud I was of the work I had done, and how excited I was to finally get some sleep.

A week like that just reminds me that living a happy life, a life that you want to live, can get very hard sometimes. Whatever means a lot to you is going to take a lot of your time and effort. If you want a loving relationship it requires time and effort, if you want to stay in good shape and health it requires time and effort, and yes if you want to do work you love it’s going to require time and effort. It’s the price we pay for the things we love.

The one thing that wasn’t difficult for me to do was smile. Even though I was exhausted I was joyful, I was fulfilled, I was proud. When you do things you love, when you are around people you love, being doesn’t hold you back or bring you down the way it used to, you are always ready and willing to take that next step to do even more because you are happy.

Whatever it is you want for your life, whatever dream you have for the future, whatever brings a smile to your face, work hard on it, watch the energy that it brings to your day, to your work, and to your relationships.

You deserve to look back on your life and get goosebumps just thinking of all the amazing things you did, all the magic that you brought to this world, and all the joy your brought to your life and the lives of others. Whatever pain you feel, just remember that it’s worth it, no matter how tired you are keep going, whatever you do don’t give up, it will all make sense soon enough.