What is the first sign that a relationship is starting to fall apart? For me the answer has always been when you start taking each other for granted, or when you start to automatically expect things to be a certain way without any effort from you.

When the wife and husband stop appreciating each other and the things you do for each other. When you think they will always be there, waiting for you, no matter how long you are gone for. When the flowers are no big deal, when you don’t even say thank you for the wonderful meal they prepared for you, when the “I Love You’s” don’t come as often as they should.

With marriage we always assume it’s for life, and whenever you assume something is for life you don’t think that anything can change it. What we forget is that we as humans always change, we change the way we think, we change the way we are, we change what we do and we can certainly change the way we feel about someone.

The one thing that I have felt keeps relationships strong is when they celebrate each other and celebrate the way they make each other feel. Don’t assume they already know that you love them, or that the food they cooked was perfect, or that they look amazing tonight, tell them, look into their eyes and let them know. There is so much power in those words, they are the words that take you back to the first time you saw them, to the first time you knew that they were the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.

A lot of couples reach a point where they are trying to rediscover the love they had for each other and wonder what went wrong. The point is if you don’t let a day go by where they are wondering how you feel about them that love never leaves your life, it moves with you everywhere you go, it reminds you why you are together, it builds a love that lasts.

*My love – Sorry for all the times I forgot to say I love you, I love you.