How do you make time for the things that matter in your life? The family you love, the work you are passionate about, the lifestyle that’s fun, the gym routine that keeps you healthy, how do you make sure that every part of your life gets the time and attention it deserves?

I was reminded how hard it can be when I got home after five days away from my family for work, the first thing my eldest son said as soon as he saw me was “Why did you leave me?”. It really hurt but the best I could do was explain to him that I needed to work to provide for all of us and it was work that I had a lot of fun doing which would need me to travel sometimes.

I have learned in life that it is hard to balance things, because if you are passionate about something you have to be willing to sacrifice other things in your life. For example if you want to be a star athlete the routine is pretty much “wake up, train, eat, train, eat, train, sleep”, there is hardly any room for anything else in your life, so things such as a social life and relationships come second to your dream of becoming a star athlete.

There are two things I want for my life, to be a great husband and father, and to do work that inspires others through my speaking and writing. I filter down to the two most important things and prioritize them everyday, then I fit in things like exercise and social life when there is the time. Sometimes you have to give things up, sometimes you have to prioritize some things over others, and that’s ok. I am not perfect, nobody in this world is perfect, which is why I have stopped trying to create the perfect life.

I want a happy life, a meaningful life, which is why I have set my priorities that will bring joy to my family and I. I’m well aware they are going to disappoint some people, I will have to say “no” a lot, but I know they are the things I need to focus on to achieve my goals and raise a family that loves me.

To my wife and sons, I love you and I thank you with all my heart for the support you give me, I hope you understand that it is all for us. I only pray that I can help build your dreams the way you have helped build mine.