When we were kids every Wednesday after school my mother would pass by the bakery on our way home. My brothers and I were each give 5 dirhams to buy anything we wanted, my order was always the cheese bread and a cup cake.

I would always eat the cheese bread quick so I could enjoy the sweet cupcake. I loved the icing and one “smartie” they put on top so I would start eating the cupcake from the bottom and end with the icing and smartie.

Days like that were simple, we didn’t need much, we didn’t want much, but we made the most of everything. The fact that I can still remember what that cupcake tastes like shows how even the little things mattered, even the simple things had meaning.

I learnt two simple lessons from those trips to the bakery, the first is that everything can be special if we want it to be, the second is that we don’t need much in life to be happy. These are lessons I will carry with me through all the things I do, and with all the people I love.