We have a rule when we eat meals together, no phones at the table. As we walked into the restaurant Salama asked if she could be given an exception as a potentially big client wanted to place an order. As we waited for our food to arrive I watched her work, calculate prices, get in touch with suppliers, arrange packaging, prepare invoices, anything she could to try and land this client.

I took this picture of her when she was fully focused, she didn’t even notice that I finished over half the bread while she only managed a bite. After she had done all she could we had a discussion about the future, about taking potential risks in our professional lives and careers, what it would mean for ourselves as individuals, what it would mean for each other and what it mean for our kids and their future.

She mentioned something to me that pretty much summed up how we get through these risks, she said “Khalid we can only do this, we can only take risks because I know we support each other, that is why I’m not afraid”.

I told her about some of the things that I wanted to change in my life, she simply said “You have all my support, don’t worry about it”. In that moment I felt a strong sense of peace come over me, like even if I failed and we lost all our money, everything would be alright, we would find a way to fix things and move forward.

It meant a lot to hear those words even though I already knew that is how she felt, sometimes a reminder is all you need to give you the confidence to finally make the decisions you’ve been waiting forever to take. I wasn’t afraid.
Great things happen when you make decisions and move forward, especially when you know the decisions will make you happy. When it comes to relationships you need someone that is going to support the risks you take to bring your dreams to life, and you will have to do the same for them.

It’s about being both the champion in your life and the cheerleader in someone else’s. It’s about giving life everything you have, it’s about feeling the fear and doing anyway, because when it’s all said and done life isn’t about the chances you get, it’s about the chances you take.