A lot of people ask what is a sign that someone is doing things right in the relationship, that you are on the right path. For me personally there were more signs that we were doing things wrong, not connecting as often as we should and going out together, arguing with each other more than we laughed together, not giving each other space to work on ourselves.

Then we started dedicated time to each other, we start discussing our issues before they became arguments, we started supporting each other’s personal dreams just as much as we worked on our own. What we found is that things always balanced out, the more we gave to our relationship the more we got back in happiness, personal peace and love for each other.

Then after years of making those changes there was a breakthrough, I got the sign. That sign was a feeling inside me that whenever I wanted to do something my wife was the first person that came to mind.

If I wanted to go to the cinema I wanted to go with her, if I wanted to go to a concert I wanted to listen to the music with her, if I wanted to go to the desert I wanted to lay in the sand with her, if I wanted to go skydiving I wanted to be screaming for my life with her. That is when I felt everything was right.

I transitioned from simply having a wife to having a partner in everything I wanted to do. I didn’t need a group for sports, a friend to go hiking with or another friend I wanted to go to the movies with. I had all those things rolled up into one woman and she had all those things in me. We wanted to experience those things together, go on adventures together, discover new parts of ourselves together.

The reason this is so important is because now we just love hanging out together and as a result everything becomes fun regardless of where we are or what we are doing. We dedicated our time to each other and through that dedication we became best friends, we became partners, we became the people who will be sitting on on a park bench when we are 90 years old, smiling at the fun we had, laughing at how silly we were, shocked at how crazy we were, holding each other close, glad we were that we did it all together, that we lived our lives together.