Everyday you have a choice how you dedicate your time and who you dedicate that time to. The things is we usually make that choice a couple of times in our lives, we take a job out of college and that becomes a big part of our identity and dictates how we feel about ourselves.

If you’ve had a bad day at work or university, that means you had a bad day, if you didn’t get that promotion at work that means you are not doing well in every other part of your life, if you had a productive day at work that means you have progressed in everything else you dedicate some time to.

Why do we do that to ourselves? Life doesn’t begin and end with work, there is so much more.

What I realized is that way of thinking is not sustainable to become a better person spiritually, emotionally, and even professionally. That way of thinking won’t allow me the time to be a loving husband and father, or grow into a better human being.

The problem here is when we define success completely by our jobs, so I ask why isn’t someone who is a great husband successful, or someone who is there for all their kids events successful, or someone who puts their family first successful.

Why can the fact that your family and friends love you be the major reason for your happiness regardless of how good or bad your day went at work? Why can’t we take our positive energy from our personal lives into our professional lives? The answer to those questions is there is nothing stopping you from doing just that.

When I used my love for my family and my personal goals as my primary source of joy in my life things at work started to get better, I felt more confident, I started taking on greater risks, I started questioning the way things were done and following my heart rather than just blindly following a process. It felt amazing.

All I am saying here when you wake up and have people who love you around you that is all you need to be happy and positive about the day ahead. Don’t let others change that, you decide what makes you smile and that is all the control you need to create a life you will love with the people you love the most.