We are told that the greatest relationships are when two people complete each other. I never really understood that phrase, I always thought that it meant there was always going to be this empty space in my life that someone else had to fill in.

What I have found is that a relationship isn’t so much about completing each other than it is about balancing each other. I realized this when I was going through big changes in my personal life, I was stressed about 90% of the time, worrying about what the future held for my family and I.

My wife knew what I was going through, she saw that, she understood, so for every stressful day I had she was the one who brought laughter, joy, and silliness to the day, she brought balance to our lives together.

In turn when my wife has a day where she was going through her own worries about her business I try to motivate her, encourage her, remind her how brave she is for the risks she is taking, again I try to bring balance. It’s about how we both feel together that counts.

Balance in a relationship is about simply being there for reach other, being patient for each other, it’s about understanding that it takes two smiles for a relationship to work.

That means you are both responsible for being joy when the other is sad, for being laughter when the other cries, for being comfort when the other is in pain. In the end it all has to balance, for when it does it brings comfort to both your lives, you know that you are both playing a part in the relationship growing stronger, in the love becoming deeper, in bringing two hearts together as one.