There is so much in life to be grateful for, celebrating my wife’s birthday is in a way a celebration of everything I am grateful for.

I am grateful for living another year by her side, growing with her, laughing with her, crying with her, discovering the world with her.

That’s an amazing part of being in a relationship, a celebration for one always becomes a celebration for two, her success is my success, and my success is hers, we rise together. It’s important to remember that so that we always bring out the best in each other because we know that it is also bringing out the best in ourselves.

Another thing that has changed through our birthdays together is how simple our celebrations, like this little birthday party with a few balloons, have become because we are always looking for excuses to celebrate, we celebrate pretty much everything.
We do that because we don’t want to postpone happiness waiting for something better to happen, we realize we have got something good now, we recognize the special moments and we make them memories.

If she sells a piece jewelry we celebrate, if I get called to speak for a company we celebrate, if one of our kids get a small reward at school we celebrate, if we feel like celebrating just for the fun of celebrating we celebrate. Life is too short to wait for amazing things to happen especially when we have the power to make amazing things happen just being together and loving each other.

So don’t wait, great things happen when you see everything as an opportunity to become great, a simple dinner with your partner can become a romantic evening to remember for the rest of your lives, a day out with the family can be turned into an adventure of a lifetime. Your happiness and your memories tomorrow are in your hands, believe that with all your heart and life becomes so much fuller.

To my darling wife, it’s been such an amazing journey so far and look forward to everything that lies ahead of us. I am glad we found each other, I am honored to be your husband, happy birthday my love.