Six months ago I got a call from UAE University to give a lecture in their auditorium, they had mentioned they had seen my talk “5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Taking My First Job” and thought the students would enjoy it.

I was nervous, I had given talks before but nothing of this scale, they told me the auditorium could sit 300 students, up until then the most people I had at my events was never more than 20 or 30 people. I wasn’t nervous that there would be a lot of people, I was nervous that hardly anybody would show up and I would end up giving a talk to an empty auditorium.

Then I remembered one thing my mother always told me, “Khalid always do you best” and that’s what I did. The only thing I could control was how well I prepared and the energy I brought on that day, how many people showed up was something I couldn’t control, so I simply stopped worrying about it.

The day arrived and one of the faculty met me at the entrance of the university and took me to the auditorium. When I walked in I couldn’t believe it, the auditorium was full, students were sitting on the floor in between chairs, standing on the sides, I was told that they had to close the doors so nobody else could enter as it would have been a safety hazard.

After the event I called me wife, I was so happy, she asked how it went, I simply said “I think we’re getting there, I think things are starting to work out”. That day changed everything, it showed me the power of persistence and following through on the work you love, it showed me that with enough hard work and passion things eventually start to work out, but most importantly it showed me that you never know who is out there cheering for you and I want to thank every single UAEU student who showed up that day.

You all changed my life, you have all played a role in my journey and making me the person I am today. I will never forget you and I will never take that for granted. You are all the reason I am back here six months later, still following my heart, still going strong, much love and Allah bless you all.