Yesterday I got invited to engage with the first group of students who were part of the #GoogleCSFirst program, this program teaches students how to code. We heard them present their projects and then got a chance to sit with each of the students one on one to go through their work.

Their projects were awesome and creative, but what stood our for me was their confidence and the way every one of those students carried themselves throughout the day.

When we had discussions I felt like I was sitting with senior leaders they way they were talking about using their new computer programming skills to solve health problems in our country like diabetes, or how they wanted to support youth education by building programs that make it easier to learn hard subjects. These students are only 12 years old! It was amazing and gave me so much hope for the future.

The words that stood out the most for me however was from a young student who said with all the confidence in the world “Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed said that we are going to celebrate when we sell our last barrel of oil because we will have the skills and knowledge to move forward, and I am going to be the reason we celebrate”. I still get goosebumps thinking about it.

This program is proof that we can truly bring our the best in our youth when we give them the right skills, environment and motivation to bring their ideas to life. That is what this program has done for them, it has given them the power to build great programs, build great products, and to build the most important thing of all, their dreams.