Back in University a classmate from India and I were discussing youth empowerment and entrepreneurship and he asked me what my country was doing to provide opportunities for youth, so I started going through the list.

We have several funds that provide interest free loans that support Emiratis that want to start their own business. We have “Emiratization” employment programs that give priorities, opportunities, and training to Emiratis across all sectors. We have foundations that are mandated to inspire and empower Emiratis to pursue any career they want and are passionate about.

After describing all those things to my classmate he looked at me and said “Khalid, if I had 1% of the opportunities that your country provides for you I would be a billionaire by now.”. You know I believed him because he was one of the hardest workers I knew.

That is what inspires me to work really hard, I want to meet my country half way. They are providing every opportunity to succeed, so I want to show them that those opportunities and investments are not going to waste. I work to say thank you to my leaders for everything they have done for us and continue to do for us everyday. I work to show our youth that anything and everything is possible when have a dream and work hard enough.

There have been days when I drove three hours to give a talk for 20 minutes and then drive three hours back home. I do this because I have an opportunity to make my dream a reality, my country have given me the resources and education to do the things I am passionate, and my family and friends have given me the support and love to keep going, so until the day I leave this earth I’m going to keep going.