Yesterday ADNOC announced their new vision, mission, and strategy going forward, along with a brand new corporate identity, I was almost lost for words. We are talking about the largest company in the UAE that hasn’t really changed much in the past three decades. It operated, sold our natural resources, and provided the necessary funds for the UAE to develop as a nation, that was pretty much the story.

Today ADNOC are building a whole new culture, a new operating-management model, and a new criteria of performance and accountability. This new strategy will be steered by both the internal legacy talent, and new external leadership in the form of H.E. Sultan Al Jaber who in February of this year was announced as the new CEO of the ADNOC Group of Companies.

The reason this is such a big deal is that ADNOC is not only deeply embedded in the economic progress of our country, but it has played such a deep role in the lives of the people of the UAE. My father’s opportunity to change his life, get an education in the United Kingdom and build a successful career came through ADNOC.

When I graduated high school I was an ADNOC trained and sponsored student then worked onboard our liquified natural gas ships as a first career before moving into finance and development for an organization that was led by ADNOC alumni.

Even in day-to-day life my family and I grew up relying on ADNOC for social facilities and sports, when my brothers and I were younger there were no malls or theme parks to keep us occupied.

You see when a company as large as ADNOC changes we all change, when ADNOC is building an organization fit for the future, it’s making all of us fit for the future, whatever direction ADNOC heads it the citizens and residents of the UAE with it. That is the type of impact ADNOC has, that is why the changes they have made will in some way change us all.

In the main entrance there is a pledge that all the employees were invited to sign to show their commitment to ADNOC’s new mission and vision, on that pledge read three words “We Are ADNOC”. I asked if it was only for employees, their Director of Communications responded “This is for anyone who wants to walk in these doors, because ADNOC is for everyone”. I then signed my name and pledged my support for ADNOC.

Now I may never work there and I may never need to step into their offices again, but they are a part of my life, they will be a part of my children’s lives, and I know that if want them to enjoy the opportunities and support that my father and I had ADNOC will be one of the main reasons they do.