Little Abdullah graduated nursery! It’s crazy how fast he and his brother are growing up. It’s moments like these that remind me to make time for the things that truly matter in life, to celebrate the people you love and their times of success, to make your moments count.

I figured in the end all that will truly matter is not how successful I became, how much money I earned or how hard I worked, but how much love I gave to the people who mattered most to me.

When you love and celebrate life with the people you love you minimize regrets, you don’t regret staying late in a meeting and missing a birthday, you don’t regret missing a moment when a loved one achieved something, you don’t regret rushing out the door forgetting to say “I love you” and missing a chance to show someone you cared.

I can’t remember who said it but there is a great quote which goes “True success is having a balance of success over different parts of your life. You can’t be truly successful in your career if things are not a success at home”. Those words hit me hard, because I realize I was neglecting long term relationships for short term gains.

After chasing promotions, success, and money I’ve learned it’s best to keep things simple. I’ve learned to always make time for the people you love, and to use their energy and love as an anchor for your life. To me that is true success, to me that is a life worth living.