This Ramadan reminded about building a solid foundation of love and support for myself and the people I love. Reminding myself that because the love and support exists in my life that I am able to do the things and work I love.

I was extremely busy this month due to the TV show and events therefore I didn’t spend as much time as I would have hoped at home breaking fast with my family. To be able to do that I needed the patience of my wife and kids, I needed their support, I needed their understanding, and I needed them to know everything I do is for give us a better life just the way my father did for me.

My father would always remind me that if I had a solid foundation and took care of my family that everything would find a way of working itself out, that I would find the time to create opportunities for myself, and that in a funny way opportunities would find me. He said that I would never be fully successful professional if I couldn’t be a successful husband and father.

Every spare minute I had when I wasn’t working during this month was dedicated to Ramadan and my family, it wasn’t much I know but it was all I had and they knew that, but they wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t dedicated my time and effort throughout our 8 years as a family building that foundation where we can all understand and support each other.

My Eid is dedicated to that foundation and praying that you can all build a foundation of support and understanding with the people you love, because it opens the door for so many more great things to happen.

My family and I pray for all those who are waiting for something to celebrate, this has been a difficult month for the Muslim world, we pray Allah gives you strength, and brings us all peace and safety to our lives and the people we love. Eid Mubarak.