When my father was growing in his career he got a big opportunity to join an organization with high prospects, better pay, and everything that goes with a high-flying role. Don’t get me wrong it’s we were very comfortable in our lives and our father gave us everything we needed, this new job would have simply given us a little bit more.

My father turned down the opportunity to stay in his current role and grow when my brothers and I asked him why he responded by saying “I want you to know me when you grow up, and if I take this role you will never see me”

That day taught me a lesson on prioritizing the things that truly matter in life because sometimes we sacrifice so much like family, friendships, and health in the search for a little more money, a little more prosperity or a little more importance amongst people we hardly even know.

Unfortunately, I fell into that trap, working in an organization constantly in search of that next big achievement and forgetting that my greatest achievements were at home every day waiting for me, my beautiful wife and my two adorable boys (الحمدلله).

It wasn’t easy walking away from a job that gave me so much in terms of prestige and money, but the minute I walked away I knew I was walking in the right direction because I realized that I won’t make my family happier by making more money for them and never being able to see them.

However, I will make them happier by being them for them, by being present in their lives and the special moments they experience, and by making sure that the work I do allows me to put them first and everything else second.