We had been working almost 24 hours straight, all I could think about was my bed and how good the sleep was going to be then at 6:00am I get called to interview the Vice President of Switzerland. What I remember first is the feeling of exhaustion just escaping from my body, forgetting all about my bed and the sleep I was going to have.

I only remember how excited I felt, how blessed I felt to have the opportunity to do work I love and meet someone who is having a huge impact on her country and her people, how honored I felt to be a representative of my country and to share our voice and thoughts with the world. I felt full of life, the smile on my face and the fun I was having made me feel like a kid again where everything seems possible and everything just seems to flow.

My mom always used to push my brothers and I to do the things we love, she always used to encourage to explore who we are, to try new things even if they didn’t make sense to other people. She wanted us to be the best versions of who we are and not a carbon copy of someone the world wants us to be just so we look successful or fit in.

Today I am exploring a new world, a world that took me almost 30 years to discover, my work, the world that makes me Khalid Al Ameri, where I can be comfortable with who I am and do my best work, the work I love.