Graduating university was an incredible moment for me, the sense of accomplishment and what was possible in the future were hard to put into words, it took a while to digest.

Walking home after the celebrations I remembered a book called “How Will You Measure Your Life?” by Clayton Christensen which changed my life during the time I was studying. In the book that author discusses the importance of developing a culture and strong value in your family.

Part of the culture that Salama and I chose for each other and how we raise our kids is to believe that anything is possible, and to always support each other on the journey of our dreams.

When I got home we started taking picture for the family and I, my eldest son Khalifa asked to wear my cap and gown and take a picture of him with his mother holding him similar to the way she help me after the ceremony. He was so proud of himself, like he had achieved everything I had achieved.

It was then that everything was clear to me about how our culture was working, my achievements were for him and his brother just as must as they were mine, my achievements were his mother’s just as much as they were mine.

He now believed that anything was possible because I had achieved something I thought was impossible. He knew his family believed in him because he saw the way his mother, my beautiful wife, believed in me.

The experience of creating a culture and values in a family has taught me that it brings you all closer together, and when that culture is centered around love and support for each other, dreams come true.