When I started my career I took my family for granted. I took the usual thinking that I would work hard at the beginning on my career and education then make it up to them later, I assumed tomorrow would always be there.

I thought that when I made enough money, when I had enough success I would happier and able to share that happiness with my wife and kids. The problem with money and success is it’s never enough, there is always more money to be earned, the is always more success to be gained, the hunger never ends.

I remember coming home one day after getting a promotion at work, my wife and I went out to celebrate, instead of enjoying the moment and having fun all I talked about was all the things I would do when I got my next promotion, and how that would be an amazing achievement. Imagine only hours after my promotion I was already hungry for the next promotion.

What I didn’t realize is that all my family wanted was me, rich or poor, successful or not, they just wanted me. What I didn’t realize is that they love me for who I am, not for what I wanted to be, or all the things I wanted to give them. What I realized who I am is enough, when I am there with them laughing, smiling and being part of their lives that is enough.

Now I know that everyday is a choice of where I spend my time, that when it comes to the people you love it’s not about making things up to them tomorrow, but making the moments as wonderful as they can be today. Now I know that family time is the most important time.