For two years almost every Saturday morning right after breakfast my family and I would drive up to the city of San Francisco, which was about a 30 minute drive from our home in Palo Alto. We never had a plan, we didn’t know where we wanted to go or what we wanted to do, all we knew is that we wanted to walk around and feel the city. We never got bored of it, and those memories will be with us forever, that is our home away from home.

Today I got introduced to ‘Jumeirah Central”, a project that is looking to change the way people experience the city of Dubai, whether you’re a citizen, resident, or a tourist. Everything from the huge parks, the way you can walk to any part of the city, the way structures allow art to express the culture, it allows the city to live, breathe and create the identity it wants.

I heard a quote during the presentation that what people really want to see in a city is how local people live and work, that is an expression of our modern culture, it allows people to become a part of us no matter how long they are here for. More importantly it makes people want to come back because the people and the city will have left an impact on their lives the same way cities like New York, London and Paris do.

Above all what Jumeirah Central does is allows everyone who calls this city home to show the world how this city inspires us, and how we inspire our city, through the way we live our lives, through the way people from all walks of live come together to live in harmony. That is what this city is all about, and I can’t wait for for the day to come where my family and I drive up to Jumeirah Central, with no plans, not knowing where we want to go or what we want to do, to just walk around and let the joy and energy of the city fill our lives.