Two years was my first talk, I booked a small space that could sit about 20 people and put out a poster on social media that said “5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Taking My First Job”, come and join for an insightful talk. There was a date and a time on the poster so I was committed, there was no backing out now.

On the day I showed up to the space an hour before I was going to start. I was so scared, the funny thing was I wasn’t scared that nobody would show up, that would actually have been a good thing, nobody would have known, I would have saved myself from embarrassment, gone home and done something else for the rest of my life.

My fear that day was that one or two people would show up, then I would have to speak to a near empty room, those two people would know how unpopular the event I planned was, they would tell others, everybody would know, the dream would be over.

Six people showed up, one of them being my wife who I wanted to be there to support me, plus I promised to take her to a nice dinner afterwards :). I said a little prayer and then started the talk, it was the best feeling of my life, this is what I wanted to be doing and I was doing it, I was shaping my own destiny, my dream was coming to life, it was a small step forward but it was still a step.

That day taught me the power of getting started, the power of taking action and understanding that most of the time you are the only thing standing in between who you are and who you want to be. Since that day I have been giving my dream everything I have, I quit my day job, I am all in.

Believe me, there is nothing special about me, I just made a promise to myself and stuck by it, nothing more, nothing less, and now in a few weeks I will be flying to the UK to give a talk to hundreds of students in Leeds.

I smile as I reflect back on that small room that I started it and how far things have come, am I rich? Far from it, am I successful? I think I’m heading in the right direction, am I happy? 😀 😀 😀 Alhamdulilah