I think the thing we fear most in a relationship is change, our partner changing from the person we fell in love with, the person we promised to spend the rest of our life with. We hope that time will find a way to stand still and keep them who they are.

What we forget is that the world is changing, and every human that walks this earth changes. You are already different from the person you were yesterday, even if it’s simply being one day older, you have changed.

I’ve learned that being able to embrace the changes your partner wants in their life is perhaps one of the best ways to strengthen your love for each other.
Imagine if you wanted a change in your life, say to study something new, quit your job and follow a personal passion, or even switch up your style of clothes, now imagine your partner didn’t support any change you wanted, you would feel stiff and locked up in the person you are without any hope of becoming the person you want to be.

I have come to understand that just because my wife or I want to change something in our personal lives that doesn’t mean our love for each other has to change. When we know that our partner is our first source of support we feel like the world opens up to us, that anything is possible, and when someone makes you feel like anything is possible, your love for them never stops growing.

Remember we all want change, we all want to grow, we all want to become better, we all want to achieve amazing things in our lives. Don’t be afraid of that change, look into your partner’s eyes as they speak to you about their hopes and dreams, listen to the words that come from their heart, and in a funny way, you will realize that deep down inside they are the person you always knew and have always loved.