My work is to make people understand that we all go through hard times, that we all feel struggle, that feeling sad or upset is not the problem, the problem is when we believe that we can’t share those feelings with other people, or when we feel we deserve to be going through suffering and pain.

Anyone who tells me that I have the perfect marriage or the perfect life I simply ask them to read my work again. What I share with people is how I overcame and continue to overcome, the various struggles in my marriage, in my career, and in my own personal life, and how each of those struggles has made me the husband, the father, the writer and the man I am today.

I have been there, I have been alone, I have been upset, I have seen what dark days look like, and it’s the worst feeling in the world. What’s worse is that many of us consider ourselves weak just by feeling that way, that we should be able to overcome and get through it by ourselves.

We need to create an environment where it’s ok to talk about our feelings, good or bad, but more importantly the bad. Where women and men of all ages are comfortable telling the people they love that they don’t feel right, that they need help, that simply eating better and getting a little exercise isn’t the answer.

It’s only in a culture that values mental health just as much as physical health that creates an environment where people don’t need to be scared of sharing what they are going through, where people seeking mental health support aren’t seen as outcasts but are seen as normal productive human beings who want nothing more that someone to help them, who want nothing more than to feel better again, who want nothing more than to smile again and tell you how beautiful life is.