I don’t think I ever saw my father worried, he was always happy and took a very relaxed approach to life. He came home for lunch every day without fail, he was always there for special events, and he always took the time to visit his friends and play sports.

If anything my father’s history would make me come to the conclusions that he would always be uptight and stressed out. He used to tell me that he would walk to apply for scholarships in the summer heat instead of taking the bus to save money, how we needed a dictionary by his side in all classes so he could translate what was taught then have to teach himself, how he would wake up and study through the early hours of the morning so he could spend time with us when we woke up. It’s like he was always one step ahead of anything that might stress him out.

Asking him why he was always happy and relaxed about life he would respond “I work hard, no matter what challenges come in my life I will always do what is necessary, I don’t worry because I know I will do everything in my power to get through whatever problems I am facing, the rest is in Allah’s hands”

It’s a simple approach to life that many, including myself, find hard to incorporate into their day to day thinking. However, in the end, I feel everything comes down to two things, your will, and your faith. If you are willing to do what is necessary to achieve the things you want in life and if you have faith that everything will turn out for the best, you have nothing to worry about, and then all that is left is to live the joy of life, to just be happy.