Salama and I have a ritual after my events, we go and have a meal, this ritual has changed the way I approach my career. A lot of my work hosting events and with media involves me speaking in front of large crowds on average two to three times a week. It’s nerve-racking, but it’s the work I truly love.

When I first started I was so nervous before the event. I would usually think of all the things that could go wrong, forgetting what I had to say or even worse saying the wrong thing. What made me more nervous was something bigger though, let me explain.

With the work I do I’m always one wrong word away from really hurting my career. It doesn’t matter how many amazing events I had in the past, if I say the wrong thing and someone senior gets offended being able to get another client or host another event would be nearly impossible, it’s just really, really, hard to gain back that trust when it comes to publicity and events.

This work is how I provide for my family, if I mess up my wife and kids pay the price with me. That is a weight I carry with me every time I perform. It was a tough place to be in, so when I transitioned into this career full-time Salama came to support and suggested we go for dinner when I was done.

We did two things during that dinner, we celebrated the success of the event and we discussed what I should practice on so I could be better next time. After that first dinner, I felt the weight come off my shoulders because she was sharing it with me. She showed me that she was by my side, praying for my success, reminding me that I didn’t have to carry the weight and the worries alone. It was a powerful lesson on how love and support can make all the difference in your partner’s goals and career.

I love the dinners we have after my events, sometimes when I’m really nervous before I go on stage I think about the dinner, the laughter, and the fun we are going to have when I’m done. Then I say a prayer, and when I am standing alone on that stage with everyone watching me, I feel she is right there with me, and that is all the confidence I need.