1. I realized that the world owes me nothing. I always assume nothing will be given to me, especially the dreams and ambitions I have and that I will have to work for everything I want in life.

2. I depend on myself first. I understand that I am going to have to take the first steps towards my goals and ambitions, that I have to work that hardest on my dreams.

3. I am always prepared to stand alone. At the beginning, people may not believe in me or my ideas, when that happens I know that I may have to take the leap by myself. What I have realized is that when I do that and I focus on my dreams the right people start to find their way into my life, the ones who want to support me and watch me succeed.

4. I never stop believing in myself. I know that I need to be the greatest source of inspiration in my life. I use what I did yesterday to inspire what I want to achieve today, and what I did today to push what I want to do tomorrow. I always believe that I am going to find a way to make it and that somehow, someway, things will find a way of working themselves out.

5. I smile. No matter what I am going through, no matter how hard times get, I remember that there is always something to be grateful for, there is always something that will make me sit back and realize just how lucky I am. I take the time every day to count my blessings, it allows me to control my attitude, and when I control my attitude towards everything that happens in my life, I ultimately control my life.