When I was preparing to become a father for the first time I remember reading a quote that said: “My father didn’t tell me how to live, he lived, and let me watch him do it”. What the quote taught me from the very beginning is that my actions are going to make all the difference in raising my children, not so much my words, not my dreams, not my promises, but my actions.

However, as I grew and gained experience as a father I realized that the greatest actions you can take as a parent are not in the big moments such as birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, but in the little moments that you repeat every day.

I have found that the greatest results in life are from the things I do consistently, eating healthy and exercising every day to get in shape, spending time connecting with my wife every day to grow our relationship, and picking up kids from school every day and taking them out regularly to be a father that makes them smile.

We think that being a good parent means giving them a better life than we had, but what’s more important is being part of the better life we work so hard to give them, making time to connect with them and be part of their day to day experiences.

I want my kids to see my actions and learn that if you dedicate your life to something every day only then will it get better, only then will you start to see the positive changes happen, whether that’s in your health, your work, or your relationships. Most of all I want them to see that they have a father who wants to be part of their lives everyday and not just when it suits my schedule, so they know that I will always put them first, that I will always be there, that I will always show up.