The question I always have a hard time answering is if I believe in love at first sight, the first answer that comes to mind is no. It took Salama and I six years, I repeat 6 years, to get to a point where we truly believed that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together.

Throughout our relationship I took marriage as a serious issue, a responsibility that required me to work, to provide, and to be the source of strength. Then when we had kids I took things even more seriously and worked harder to provide morel, providing came first, love came second.
Through the journey I had forgotten something very important in my relationship, to have fun. I forgot that I needed to be a source of love as well as strength, I forgot that I needed to provide joy as well as advice, I forgot that emotional support is just as important as financial support. I had forgotten how to laugh.

After everything Salama and I have been through, the good times and the bad, I can honestly say that the one thing that keeps us together is our ability to laugh with each other and at each other, that we can be silly together.

Believe me there is no greater feeling that seeing the person you love and knowing that you are going to be laughing in the next few minutes or just waiting for them to crack the next joke. Love and laughter is an incredibly powerful combination.

Now I am not saying not to work hard, or not to do your absolute best to provide for your family. I am saying don’t let all those things come and the cost of being a source of happiness to the person you love. Always make time to say I love you, always make time to hold them close and let them know how happy them make you, always make time to share your smile, it may be all they need to have an amazing day ahead.

When I stopped taking my life and marriage so seriously I opened up so much room in heart for joy and fun, then I realized that joy and fun only made our relationship stronger, because when we are together the only thing I feel is love, the only thing I do is smile, and I thank Allah everyday that we make each other feel that way.