When we first got married everything seemed so simple, we only looked at each other as one thing, husband and wife. There is no way we could have imagined everything we would become, and how we would become so different to the person we married.

Change is such an important part of a relationship, the person you marry on day one, the dreams they have for the future and what they want to achieve in this world could be completely different a few years forward.

When we got married Salama was a media student and I was a commercial officer in a shipping company. Now 8 years later she is an entrepreneur with a small business and in law school, and I am a full time writer and presenter. Now we have two beautiful children in our lives, we are completely different people with completely different dreams.

However some things have stayed the same, our love towards each other, the priority we have for our religion and education, the dedication we have to cherishing and raising our children, and promising to always support each other. Those things are our values, and no matter what changes in the world or in our own personal lives they stay the same. That is what has kept us together through the good times and through the hard times.

When I look at her now in this moment, with our kids by our side, I still can’t believe I married my best friend. When I look at her I remember to thank Allah for blessing me with a woman who makes me a better man. When I look at her I believe that anything is possible with love, that our hopes and dreams for the future can come true when we smile and stick together.