People ask why I write about life, work, marriage, and relationships. Someone sent me this picture that pretty much sums it all up, here is the translation:


“Be an inspiration, open the way for others to know that you have succeeded despite the hardships and conditions, support and push them so they know and understand that your success was not a luxury.”

I don’t write about love, I write what it takes to find love, to be in love, and to stay in love. I don’t write about doing work I love, I write about how I found the work I love and everything I sacrifice because of it. I don’t write about how beautiful life is, I write about the things I do everyday to make life beautiful.

The world is full of so many wonderful stories, when we share those stories I feel we fill the hearts of others with joy, we give them the inspiration to follow their dreams and do the things they love, we let them know that no matter it is they are going through they are going to be ok. I believe that is how we make the world a better place.