People ask what I hope to achieve through my writings on relationships, love, and marriage. I think one of the goals I am hopeful for is that it will teach my kids about women. It will teach them how much their mom means to me, how I tried to become a better man for her, and how we grew our love for each other.

As a strong supporter for women in our communities the one lesson I have learnt is that the fight for women’s rights and empowerment starts at home with our children. It starts with how our children see me treat their mother, how I respect her, how I honor her, and how her thoughts and opinions are just as important as mine, how I open the door for her or interact with her in public. That is how they learn how to treat other people, women or men.

We often look past all the things that our children observe and the impact it has on their lives. When I used to shout on Salama when she was upstairs and I was downstairs, my sons would copy me and start shouting, when I would kiss her on the cheek when I came home, my sons would copy me and start kissing her on the cheek, when Salama threw her shoe at me once as a joke, they copied her and threw their shoes at me, luckily it was her Toms and not her heels, it still hurt though.

I want our kids to read our stories and know how brave their mother was, that she built me and gave me the courage to do amazing things in my life, how her sacrifices, love and support brought so much meaning and warmth to our lives. I guess all I am trying to say is I want our kids to be strong, like their mother.