Watching my youngest son look out into the distance, peaceful and quiet, I start to think of all my hopes for him, all the possibilities, everything he can become. I put pressure on myself to make sure he has everything he needs, what’s funny is I always put things before myself, I think about schools, books, tutors, or activities. After the pressure I sometimes find myself worrying, what if he faces difficulties, or what if he fails along the way.

This time however I stopped, we have been spending a lot of time at the desert since New Years and I find that when I look at him he is just taking everything in, accepting what comes his way, when the wind gets hard and the sand hits his face he turns, when it got a little cold he asked for his jacket.

It was a beautiful reminder that we can never predict what comes lies ahead, but for some strange reason we will spend hours, days, weeks or even months worrying about it. We will let it consume our life and suck every ounce of energy and peace we have. Instead this moment taught me to just be, to just enjoy the moment and be at peace, to stop worrying, to accept what comes my way and do what needs to be done in that moment.

That is going to play a big part of my work in 2017, since quitting my job I spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Some of the time it’s helpful but other times it just stops me from enjoying the time I have today. I know my son is going to be alright, and that all the worrying that I do is not going to change what the future holds, I just need to trust that