I met a friend for lunch today and he mentioned something pretty beautiful, he said “You know what Khalid, like you I married my best friend, and if everything else in life fails I know that at least I got one thing right, spending my life with the person I love the most”

It made my think and look back on life and everything that has gone right or wrong. All the stupid decisions I made, all the mistakes I regret, and all the opportunities I didn’t get. They really didn’t mean much when I thought about my life as a whole.

You see all those bad decisions and silly mistakes were simply moments that passed. They are things that are no longer a part of me, things that I can no longer change no matter how hard I try.

However my marriage, my relationship with my wife, my best friend, is a part of me everyday of my life. The relationship is with me always, during good times and bad times. It is the hug and kisses when I succeed, it is the shoulder to cry on when I fail. It is the the reason I am inspired to be my best, it is the reason that there is never a boring moment in my life. It’s everything.

I get asked a lot about where I see my future, and are the decisions I am making today going to lead me to success. The simple answer is I don’t know, but at the same time I think to myself does it even matter, because I know I made the most important decision of my life, the decisions that truly counts if everything else in my life fails, and she is standing right beside me.