I heard a beautiful story that one day while Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his wife Aisha رضي الله عنها were walking she saw a group of young (Abyssinian) men playing and dancing, and asked the Prophet Muhammed ﷺ if they could stop and watch.

As Aisha narrates “I stood behind Him put my chin on His shoulders, my cheek was touching His cheek.”

After watching for a while the Prophet ﷺ asks Aisha “Are you satisfied?”, she said no, not yet. After a little while longer the He asks again “Are you satisfied?, she repeated again “Not yet”, then He asks a third time “Are you satisfied?, she then says “Now I am done” and they left.

After Prophet Muhammad ﷺ passed away and Aisha is says about that day “I swear I had no interest in watching those people dance, I just wanted my face to be on His face”

When I heard that beautiful story all I could imagine was the great love and tenderness the Prophet Muhammed ﷺ must have showed to his wife to make her want to be that close. It is a great lesson to me on how to be a husband, and how to treat our wives in a way that their love for us knows no limits.

It is something I strive for, to be a better man, to show my sons how to treat the women they will share their lives with, in a way that brings their mother, my wife, closer to me every day.